Christopher Columbus, Discoverer of America or World Class Jerk

(Document of learning #1)

In class we went over the first chapter in Howard Zinn’s book ‘A Peoples history of the united states’. The story begins by describing the ‘Arawak’ people and how they were treated when Columbus arrived in America. The story continues on and describes what horrible things they faced and how quickly their numbers diminished. So if you ask me, Columbus is a huge jerk. Here is some questions and answers that surrounded social 9 and the first chapter.

Main Focus

A)1. Where are you?(with respect to social studies)-history,political science,economics,sociology,anthropology,philosophy

  1. Where are you going?


2nd Focus

B)1. What interests you about this topic? Why?

  1. What challenges you about this topic? Why?


3rd Focus

C)1. What have we done/read/discussed so far that provides an example of the MAIN or second focus questions?


Include Quotations, Images (attribute), personal commentary (with specific examples)



  1. I am just skimming the surface of history,political science, economics, sociology and philosophy, but I have a decent understanding of anthropology. I have learned of our previous ancestors in regard to Charles Darwin’s’ theory of evolution, covering their approximate appearance, brain size, diet and the time they were alive.

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  1. I hope to go as deep as i can into each category in social studies, finding what i liked and didn’t like about them. I also want to go outside of the curriculum to learn things that branched off of the material that interested me, but weren’t part of the required information. I hope to build on my weaknesses and improve my current knowledge.



  1. I’m interested in this topic because it covers many different and interesting categories. I don’t know much about political science and government, besides information gathered from the 2016 election for Canada, but I hope to learn a lot more. I always wanted to get in on political debates and other conversation based on candidates, but I don’t know exactly what to say. Other categories I am intrigued to learn in would be sociology and economics, both which I could also apply to everyday life.
  2. The part that challenges me about this subject is remembering what I have been taught. I have always had trouble focusing on one thing for more than 10 minutes, not because of any condition, just due to a short attention span. When I find something I really like or think is cool I can go a lot more in-depth with it.Social studies has never been too much of a problem with keeping my attention on the task at hand, but it is still my greatest challenge. I also hope to be able to plan ahead and make time for homework and other work delivered to me and get it done well and on time.



  1. In the beginning of the year we all took a minor exam to gather information about how each individual had specific learning styles or interests toward certain topics. We also had a class discussion on the matter where you clarified once more. Those both felt normal, but I loved the book that we started to read in class. Unlike other textbooks and worksheets this chapter of a history book had all new facts that I had never heard before One the most unexpected parts for me was “Columbus later wrote: Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on selling all the slaves that can be sold.” Now from the beginning of the book I knew that he wasn’t the best guy out there, but this blew my mind. This got worse when I realized that these slaves that would be sold were only a few compared to the many ‘Indians’ that he murdered. All in all Columbus is a huge jerk, not that anybody else who was in his position wouldn’t be, but honestly, he just plain stinks