Sucked up in the vast amount of time, John Michell was forgotten and frequently mistaken for one of the other thousands of John Michells out there

A late seventeen hundreds astronomer and geologist by the  name of John Michell had taken inspiration from his predecessor, Issac Newton. Because of the time in which he lived and the abilities he gained, he welcomed more well known people in to his house for philosophical and scientific discussions, such as Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Preislty (discoverer of oxygen) and Henry Cavendish (discoverer of hydrogen). I personally find him to be an amazing and incredibly intelligent person from his day and age, proving that in even older societies we were all still capable of wondrous things.

The key element that drew me towards him was his ability to theorize what nobody else thought had a ghost  of a chance existing, after all it’s pretty hard to find something that nobody can see, hear, touch or smell. Thus was the astounding discovery of what he called


We still have theories and evidence of these dark stars, but they are more commonly known today as black holes. Using many facts and minuscule pieces of strong evidence. This is why I found him to be eminent and also why I knew he would be the person I needed to research. When I was young, I hated instructions and manuals because they took to long to read and understand, I preferred having pieces of evidence and properties that I would collect and experiment with until I came to a conclusion on how to use it. John Michell did the same things with larger things like science and seismology.

I enjoyed experimenting with things i knew nothing about and learning how to use them, exploring the unknown has always been a passion, from outdoor trail blazing to codes and the cosmos. Each of us have been brought up and educated in a similar fashions, nothing out of the ordinary or life changing. My future is still unclear, but he continued on the path that he had paved. Graduating from a good college, he continued to learn more about his passions, experimenting and theorizing often. He figured out for the first time how to create artificial magnets and was the founder of seismology.

Using his knowledge of seismology and the theory of Issac Newton that light is made up of particles, their must be some form of gravity that is strong enough to hold light particles, thus came his theory of dark stars.

To this day not much is known about John,  people only have vague descriptions of what he may look like, some people believe that he looked like the man in the photo below, but his description by another is

“a little short man, of black complexion, and fat.”

A man of mystery, who solved many, John Michell.

Image complementary of discover

ESPTE, try to pronounce this acronym… I DARE YOU



Over the course of human history, we have had times of great peril and prosperity. Numerous amounts of theories and ideas have been created to attempt to explain both this and creation. Sadly, I am not showing you  the answer to why we were created, but this wheel (shown above) shows how human revolutions in a political, social, economical, technological and environmental format. The above wheel does not apply to each and every case scenario, but rather one of mankind’s worst moments which led to our current status in the world, World War 2, and the Great Depression. Let’s start in 1930, the year in which Hitler’s political party gained the parliament majority and North America was experiencing the worst of the Depression the very next year. This particular event’s ‘SPARK’, or the event that starts the revolutions would be the Great Depression, causing the economy to advance. These wheels show progress, but what progress is to some people might not be the same for others, it can be good for some reasons and bad for others, the Great Depression is a perfect example of such. Blossoming off of the economical revolution, social construct was changed almost immediately. People lost jobs causing a dramatic change in people’s everyday lives. Colleagues no longer saw one another, and the bias views of the local post took over. After this Social revolution, on September 1st 1939, World War 2 began. A political movement caused Hitler to gain control of Nazi Germany, thus creating a large dictatorship which was accompanied by a communist soviet union, causing a major political revolution. During this time of war new technology is invented to aid countries and alliances such as radar originally used by the British which is used commonly today on ships and submarines. The final change occurred after the war, the land was scarred and graves were dug, cities were utterly destroyed to be built once again, causing the last revolution in the cycle, the environmental revolution. After some of these horrific and murderous events, some good things came out of it. People rebuilt with new technology in hand, the people built off of what was left to create a new empire that thrived. Just like all past events, human seem to get back on their feet and in many cases, become even better than they were before. The cycle repeats on and on, wars come and go, but humanity stands.


This is one of my characteristics from my persona but don’t worry the story isn’t 100% true

One piece builds on the previous in an ostensibly random pattern that just so happens to create an alluring creation or a horrifying monstrosity, and thus, the art of formation was a skill that I was given. From the earliest years, I built many things out of what seemed like useless materials. Some good, some bad, but all of them were created to enrich the ability that i owned.


As I grew, my ability took root and followed along, slowly becoming more acute. Time passed by and it continued to prosper, new things were discovered and created, and some characteristics were torn down. I began to create marvelous things from time to time and others thought of that single skill as my entire identity, while others saw through it. I was lost, a young boy without direction depending on an singular attribute.


I always lost interest on anything over an unspecified amount of time, and thus my creativity began to falter. Like a large carnivorous creature who had starved for days, it began to strike in bursts rather than the fluent ongoing ability that it had been before. I would have thoughts that were more extravagant more brilliant than ever before, but these thoughts would occur less and less, withering over time.


I began to question whether or not I would still be able to rely on this as a gift or advantage that I could use, but my ability was not gone yet. It began to give wonderful ideas for many things that would often be forgotten if not acted upon immediately, forcing me to immediately lose interest on anything that I was working on and attempt to put this idea into reality, later denying the idea due to second thoughts.


Projects would come and go, as would the ideas, making sudden revisions and adaptations that would lead to it’s downfall. Time and time again this occurred, I was a blank void with nothing to give until the last minute, in which it was already too late. People who seemed to be friends left and I felt worse about myself with every day that passed. I would occasionally lock myself in my room to try to recuperate, yet I did not prevail.


The void inside expands over the years, swallowing up my other traits like a dark green mist. I stand away from most the crowds, due to an internal exile, I’m losing my own arguments, I’m losing myself. I still have my moments, but I rely on it too greatly, and soon it may very well just fade away. As a breath exits the mouth, and evaporates into the air, all lives are short. Make the most of what you have, I tell myself, and try to be remembered for who you are, even if it was all just a decaying corpse waiting for something great.