ESPTE, try to pronounce this acronym… I DARE YOU



Over the course of human history, we have had times of great peril and prosperity. Numerous amounts of theories and ideas have been created to attempt to explain both this and creation. Sadly, I am not showing you  the answer to why we were created, but this wheel (shown above) shows how human revolutions in a political, social, economical, technological and environmental format. The above wheel does not apply to each and every case scenario, but rather one of mankind’s worst moments which led to our current status in the world, World War 2, and the Great Depression. Let’s start in 1930, the year in which Hitler’s political party gained the parliament majority and North America was experiencing the worst of the Depression the very next year. This particular event’s ‘SPARK’, or the event that starts the revolutions would be the Great Depression, causing the economy to advance. These wheels show progress, but what progress is to some people might not be the same for others, it can be good for some reasons and bad for others, the Great Depression is a perfect example of such. Blossoming off of the economical revolution, social construct was changed almost immediately. People lost jobs causing a dramatic change in people’s everyday lives. Colleagues no longer saw one another, and the bias views of the local post took over. After this Social revolution, on September 1st 1939, World War 2 began. A political movement caused Hitler to gain control of Nazi Germany, thus creating a large dictatorship which was accompanied by a communist soviet union, causing a major political revolution. During this time of war new technology is invented to aid countries and alliances such as radar originally used by the British which is used commonly today on ships and submarines. The final change occurred after the war, the land was scarred and graves were dug, cities were utterly destroyed to be built once again, causing the last revolution in the cycle, the environmental revolution. After some of these horrific and murderous events, some good things came out of it. People rebuilt with new technology in hand, the people built off of what was left to create a new empire that thrived. Just like all past events, human seem to get back on their feet and in many cases, become even better than they were before. The cycle repeats on and on, wars come and go, but humanity stands.


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