Another Eminent report

Learning centers are just around the corner, and I feel prepared. Over the weekend, I have been working hard on my center, creating the individual pieces to construct today. My center has both information, interactive activities and an attempted office-like space to represent what exactly my eminent person (John Michell) would work in. After studying him for this time, I truly grasped how forgotten he was. John had explored many different things, from the possibility of black holes to the chance of finding star clusters to seismology (earthquakes). John is one of the most accomplished forgotten scientists ever.

here is my biBLOGraphy:


Starting point for my research, quite helpful. Though it is only a Wikipedia article, the information that I found on the site was similar, if not identical to the information on other sites. The wiki shows a large variation on a multitude of subjects, giving the reader a firm understanding.


The author of this document is also a comic book fanatic, somebody who no longer cares about history and frankly the document is six years old. Even though there is accurate information that has been proven through other sites, this should never be the type of document that is prioritized.


Considerably smaller than the remainder of the articles, the report was made for a newspaper. After cross-referencing the information with other sites and his books, the site’ information proved to be tiny, yet truthful.


Yet another news article format. Good for revising information, not for beginning. Do not trust this site wholeheartedly.


The image portrayed of John is a image of the author whim has the same name. otherwise is a good reinforce, but do not believe the portrait


Once again you will find nothing new,  and the formatting isn’t all that well done. Not interesting, and not well written.


Short, yet well written. shows me exactly what he did. Proves that he discovered what he did in his own words, nice to know that he was recognized for this at least. Show how to make artificial magnets


Another one of John’s Papers, the document is not Computer based, but like the others of it’s kind is a PDF document. This is  a basic description of the beginning of his theory of double stars


More of John’s work, this time covering the beginning of the new science of Seismology. This is a good and interesting paper among the others.


Another one covering the beginning of the theories of black holes. John doesn’t know it yet, but he had stumbled upon one of the greatest discoveries of all time.


Yet another Paper by John Michell, and probably the last. John never finished the experiment listed here, (measuring the density of the earth) but he did formulate the beginning, later carried on by Henry Cavendish.

Eminent Report!

(document of learning)

*If you already read the intro post skip to the paragraph with BESIDES as a starter

Eminent, one of the biggest pillars in TALONS, or so I’ve heard. Currently I have gotten to the decision that my eminent person would be John Michell. This John Michell (not to be confused with the hockey player) was an 1700’s scientist*. He lived around the same time and nearby to the more commonly known Benjamin Franklin. Using his knowledge of the theory of light being composed of particles (Issac Newton Theory) he began his theory of


more commonly known as black holes. He invented seismology as well and was the first to create an artificial magnet.

BESIDES him, I have been moving along quite well so far.


This was made during the month of October