In-depth post no.2

First semester is now over, (minor mental celebration) But In-depth continues. Because In-depth is the only thing assigned right now, we are all expected to do an extreme amount of work on it during the four days of semester break (minor mental funeral). However, myself and a few others have stuck to our schedules and are treating these days as any other work day. I have read about 1/16 of the ‘how to have a beautiful mind’ by Edward de Bono, and I am quite intrigued by it. I am continuing to practice my guitar, and have not yet had an actual get-together w/ my mentor. However, this should happen sometime around Monday to Friday this week. Over all, this week was quite uneventful, but I am going to continue and finish just fine later on.

Final Address: Charles James Fox

What did I want to achieve?

  • “It’s 1794 All I wanted was for Britain to make it through this ‘french revolution. I saw that the revolution was the lesser of the two evils (monarchy and the rev.)”

Did I achieve it?

  • “And you bet I  achieved my goals in making the revolution happen. Sure, I wasn’t really involved until I decided to back up the Jacobins in 1789, but I was still doing quite well in britain.”

What do I plan to do?

  • “I wanted to take my stance upon the revolution from the safeguards of law, building up France in the background.”

What were my obstacles?

  • “And guess who stood in my way, my old mentor, Edmund Burke, who views upon my wonderful revolution were hateful and wishing of it’s downfall.”

How did I act upon these things?

  • “I tried to avoid him, but I just couldn’t do anything progressive unless I ended our mentor ship relationship, and the very same year, he passed away.”

What do I regret?

  • “After these series of events, what I regret is not  going back soon enough to repair the friendship between me and Burke.”

What do I not regret?

  • “But I will never regret the way I acted, some called me a traitor, but I never stopped trying…”

Wrap up.

  • “I never stopped trying to improve the world, to initiate equality and… lose a few pounds. Guess my body just goes to show, Charles James Fox didn’t do much at all.

Drowning in In-depth?

Eminent is done and over with, but TALONS needed to fill that gap with another massive project, so what better to do than the other main symbol of TALONS, IN-DEPTH.

Each year everybody chooses some specific skill that they would like to learn, and in most cases perform for others. I have chosen to play the acoustic guitar, so using money I got from Christmas, and my savings I purchased a decent guitar to get myself in gear. After finding my mentor – after searching for him for two weeks – he agreed.

It is still quite early in the In-depth process, so I can’t say that I am really feeling this ‘anxiety’ that some of the tens are hoping “won’t happen again”. I however, won’t really stress over my mark at the ed, rather than what I actually learned, because sure, looking good is something, but actually feeling good means so much more. I have been wanting to learn how to play the guitar more than any other instrument I have ever laid eyes on. Being able and actually encouraged by the school and the program to do something I have always wanted to learn is the reason I wanted to join TALONS.

Ironically enough, I had no idea how I was originally going to study what I wanted to study, and I thought that In-depth was really just a big study project on some point in history, or in a certain subject. Thank goodness Ms. Mulder cleared that up for me.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten much done, but the project is young, and I am totally pumped to learn whatever I can. So am I ‘Drowning in In-depth’? Short answer: No. Longer answer: Hopefully not for a long time.

the years 1750-1785 by: Charles James Fox

I must say that is wondrous that I get to share my glorious life with you… lower class men. I am not like you,  I am the descendant of a baron and the second duke of Richmond. Of course my father preferred me of all my brothers and sister, he let me break his watch without even getting mad. And this one time, he promised me that I would be able to see a wall demolished only to find that it was already, so he built it again so I could watch it be destroyed. (I love my dad).

Schools runs around and all I can think about is the world around me, not these stingy books and losers, so my father removes me from school for a while to see George the third’s coronation. Eventually I went back to the books, getting into Hetford college in Oxford. I met people that some may consider to be more influential then me, CHARLES JAMES FOX. These common folk were none other than Voltaire, Lafayette and Edward Gibbon, all small compared to me (In some cases literally.)

School ends and my serv- I mean father, purchases my rightful spot in the parliament, where I got another title, Hypocrite! Not like I was bad, I just didn’t really think everything through… yeah, I’ll go with that. So that was fun and all, but I got bored of it and joined the Whigs, my wonderful political party, even though I didn’t leave it. I dressed in the American revolutionaries colours, just to prove which side I was on, you should have seen George’s face, so laughable. Anyways, Marquess of Rockingham dies and that splits my wonderful party in two, forcing me to side with the stupid idiot who called himself Lord North. We made our case and came to power in Britain 1783, good times. Then a lot of drama happened in the political world of mine, but that story is fro another time.

(Objective) As you can see here, there was no possible way I could have been unjust or offensive in any way shape or form, I just wanted power.

(Obstacles) Of course Rockingham happens to die, and daddy didn’t help me at all.

(Action) So what did I do? I acted on it by stating what I believed and that got me to where I am now.


That is all for now, hope to see you ugly faces viewing my wondrous article of my daring fables once they are done, realizing how much better I am than you. Just you wait fro what I will do next, after all this is me when I am young and new, food for thought. Hope to never talk to you until I have too.


HamiTALONS Theme map

Our Hamilton study has come to an end, and with it, our theme maps for the musical.

I have developed a simple mind map on which I can elaborate on much more than what is on the page. I couldn’t add this information due to the program (it was new to me) and that there just wasn’t enough space.

Anyway, here is my map


Throughout the process of making this map, I realized a variety of fact I never knew about myself.

A. I had little idea of what a theme statement was

B. I am horrible at

C. I need to give myself way more time than I think I do

All of these qualities have led to me researching individual literary qualities of theme and theme statements. Once my understanding was adequate, I made multiple copies of what my theme statement would be and what the map would look like. However, none of them satisfied me, and I worked until I realized that I had no time left to create one if I were to restart once more. Thus leaving me with the map above. If I could redo the entire project, I would give myself much more time to work around the problems, adding anything that I wouldn’t have thought of the day before and to study up before jumping into a scenario that I may not be able to solve.