In-Depth post no.3

Status update: I’m back, and I have done a surprising amount of work since I have last updated my status. I know that I am behind compared to others, but I believe that one must build a strong base before attempting to work on such a large project. My mentor and I have establish our work times, and meetups, but the overall idea of what will go on is still processing. We have emailed each other back and forth to set out what we need to do to set out what we will do later on. This is an experiment like everything we will be trying in our  in-depth project together, and it will hopefully turn out for the better. (fingers crossed) Otherwise, my overall improvement in the skill section hasn’t improved much as a whole, but it has almost tripled since I began. The numbers don’t even phase me, because to be honest, I also believe that we should not only take skills from our actual goal, but also from the process, and boy am I doing that right now. I am not going to go into detail as to what I have covered,  because it would fit better in my upcoming post.

First point

Prepping for our meeting has been smooth thus far, using Ms.Mulder’s website as a pivotal point in possible topics, such two of the topics de Bono discussed in his book, (see: How to have a beautiful mind by Edward de Bono) being interesting and responding. These will be utilized frequently with our meetup plans, assuring that there will never be any moment of hesitation or lack of interest. Responding to these thought out and planned points will be easy as the task is to see what we are wanting to accomplish, no arguments necessary.

Second Point

Our discussions will encompass the strategies and ideas from Ms.Mulder’s website. However, as it is an in-depth project, we will focus on building our knowledge of one another and build the bonds that we shall require should we wish to truly succeed.

Wrap up

Due to the fact that I am still in waiting, this post is short, but they shall grow as the weeks go on, and hopefully, so shall my skill.

Till next time