In-Depth post no.4

Progress report so far:

Although the past posts and weeks have been basically just base work for the future, Kody and I got a ton of work done towards our goal during the last two weeks. This includes proper posture, technique, ten chords, a beginner song, a song that we will work towards, tuning and sight-reading guitar tabs. I have been practicing  daily and hope to get another practice song assigned on the coming meet-up. Kody has shown to be quite knowledgeable in what he is teaching me, and unlike other guitar teachers, he knows what the common mistakes are that I could make, and stops them before they happen. Kody and I both come prepared with our guitars, notes and anything of interest that we may want to bring up during our discussions.

What I have learned so far in greater detail: During our first session out of the two we had, he showed me ten guitar chords which I practiced and mastered, these include: G,D,A,E,Em,F,B,C,Cm 6, and Am. A few of these chords I had already learned due to self teaching and internet browsing. With posture, Kody pointed out that there are slight tweaks you can make to your stance that can change the sound immensely. From learning how to hold a pick to balancing your hand on the bridge, Kody has made me quite well rounded in posture.

The song that I am currently working on is called “Good Riddance” by Green Day. It is an easy song in the way of chords, as it only has three, and they are relatively simple, however, the main challenge in this song is the strumming pattern that changes varying on the bar that it is located in.