in-depth post no.6

Hey guys, I have been working VERY hard these past two weeks with my mentor, learning a new style of guitar, lead. In this form of guitar, guitarists use finger picking (Playing individual strings rather than chords) to create detailed melodies.

This form of guitar playing challenged me, and continues to do so. For my final performance at In-depth night I am intending to do a combination of rhythm guitar (Mostly chords) and Lead. This allows me to play every part of the song (Choruses are usually just chords and verses are more lead).

Struggles: Adapting to the new playing style is one of my most daunting tasks, but I am quickly rising to the challenge and hope to have solidified a song, style and guitar for my performance.

Successes: Learning finger picking is one of my greatest achievements thus far, as I had already had minor experience with chords, this new type of playing intrigued me and is sure to come in handy in the future.

Our meetings and how we incorporated Edward de Bono’s: Concepts and Alternatives section of his book. During our meetings, Kody and I discussed what I may be looking forward to performing for In-depth night, and due to past experiences as a TALONS member, he was able to add some insight as to what would work better than other ideas. We are pretty sure I am going to be playing a song entitled 21 guns, by Green Day, however, this will be fully decided at our next meetup. Concepts were used in our meetups as we began to lean towards learning some lead guitar. Originally, our idea for my In-depth was just the general idea of learning guitar, and thus, we felt it necessary to fulfill that by learning more than just rhythmic guitar. Alternatives were necessary at our second meetup, when we derived from our original idea for a performance song due to the difficulty and lack of practice time. We used these two concepts to aid our planning process, and improve our overall understanding of what we wanted to accomplish, and honestly I believe that it has paid off tremendously.

That’s all for now,


In-depth post no.5

Five posts in, and everything is moving along quite nicely. The dates are no longer any concern, basic skills are set, and we are beginning to get into more advanced material, but before I can tell you that, I must first explain the other things that happened.

First off, (because I missed it last time) De Bono incorporation:

This week we incorporated the ‘six hats’ metaphor, trying to take different looks on our scenario without having them violently clash with one another. This worked out quite nicely, as the conversations seemed to almost direct themselves. We devised an idea for what I was going to present, and we are going to get started on the song that I will be performing on the night of. Here is our session, halfway through. (my phone doesn’t handle well) This link is available for a few days, then shall be deleted for the next. It’s half an hour, so I wouldn’t listen to it for too long, it’s just me trying, and Kody dominating me in skill level.

Struggles, then progresses, and a guess for the FUTURE:

  1. Struggles: being gentle when playing the guitar, I can’t always seem to make the note sound correct, but Kody is definitely helping me on that.
  2. Progress: I finished two songs, and I am doing a medium difficulty song bridge which will require the skill shown above.
  3. Future glance: I hope to finish this song immediately and move on to building my performance song.

Anyways, It’s all going good, even in my family’s ‘birthday season’ but I will try to survive, this, APRILMAYJUNE… See you next time!