Document of learning 1: Eminent

Thus far, I have successfully strung together a series of ideas and works in which I believe will allow my notable to truly shine through as the remarkable man he was, and the interesting life he lived. Although it is nearing the end of the project, I have come across some major breakthroughs via studying and absorbing the data and information given to me.

Of the breakthroughs, the one I am most proud of is my learning center design. After reevaluating my options time and time again, I settled on a scene from one of Charlie’s films, Gold Rush. During this film, The Tramp (played by Charlie) and Big Jim McKay (Mack Swain) are trapped in a cabin after they rushed to the area to secure their share of the gold rush occurring. Little did they know that a snowstorm would come along and ruin their intent, forcing them into a tight space in which they must work with one another to survive the storm. This lead to them eating a shoe, in one of the scenes which inspired multiple comedy scenes in modern day productions. Another example was when they had the entire cabin tipping back and forth in a unique idea in which they added hinges to make it appear as though the cabin were truly tilting off the edge of a cliff. I hope to incorporate both of these into an interactive learning center with multiple activities and other items to increase the attention drawn to my station.

Another addition to my learning was to compile all of my eminent criteria and progress into a single google document, keeping me up to date on anything that I did not have the sheet on hand to deal with. This idea of a “Master Document” allowed me to continue working diligently on my project with the pros of a lighter bag, less stress as to whether or not I forgot any sheet or information and remain at maximum efficiency.

Overall, the project is becoming an overwhelming success and I hope to see each and everyone of my ideas through. Until next time, thanks for reading!

Charlie Chaplin Introduction post: Eminent

As eminent comes round once more, another notable figure must be chosen, and after some hard thought and time, I have settled on Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, or Charlie Chaplin as he is more commonly known.

What led me to making my final selection was a series of influences, the main one being the field in which we both excel at, Theatrical arts. Telescoping forward, I can see myself following a similar path to him, acting and directing films, but I also have a great interest in engineering. The reason as to why I believe I will follow a similar path to Charlie is due to other complimenting me on my acting capability and idea of how the industry works. However, this particular field is filled with wannabe actors and directors, unlike Chaplin’s time, which will increase the difficulty to achieving said eminence myself

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Regarding likeness of Charlie and I, there are some barriers between our upbringing and life thus far. Charlie was brought up without a father figure, went bankrupt after his mother lost her voice, as she was a singer, and had to support his entire family, bringing them out of poverty, employing his brother, and taking care of his mother who developed mental health issues, none of which I have been burdened with. There were other things that he did later on in his life, such as marrying and divorcing 3 wives before eventually settling on his true love Oona O’neill; these actions do not resemble something that I would do in the foreseeable future, so I am including them as well.

In regards to overcoming these barriers, I believe that I should maintain a firm understanding that he wasn’t always middle or high class, but had his hardships when he was young, and he had to work through those; when portraying Charlie, I will attempt to include those hardships into his character to best simulate his likeness, as there isn’t another clear workaround.

I intend to learn how we are identical, and how we are completely different, utilizing the extremes of both sides of the spectrum to best grasp the character I should be portraying and studying. I also hope to gain insight as to what I may follow in the future, as my options are open now, but as high school passes, will become more limited.

After visiting the library, I had managed to research my character’s persona, sadly without taking notes, but to the point that I would be able to accurately simulate Charlie to somebody who knew who he was, and they would know that I was portraying Charlie. I had also come to a conclusion as to whom my eminent person should be, as I originally had two ideas. Both this year and last year, I struggled with finding an eminent person, but I came up with Genghis Khan both times. After a stroke of luck, I found somebody much more intriguing in grade 9, but this year, I wasn’t sure that there would be any alternatives. After a lot of thought, I had another option being Charlie, via a suggestion from Mr.Morris and connections to myself as well as a basic idea of what he did. The library trip secured my decision as it made me realize that I had to choose, as the book limit was quite low, and I had to split it between the two of them, limiting my take away from the trip. I calculated the similarities between them, and I mostly resembled Charlie, while not even relating to Genghis Khan. I realized that the only reason I wanted to study Genghis was out of curiosity, and the fact that he was an amazing military strategist. After coming to this conclusion, I lept to Charlie and secured him on the list of notables.

Overall, I would say that I agree with my choice and will have some enjoyment in researching and learning about my notable, as it may shed light on myself,my passions and my future.

Thanks for reading!

3 wise Nugs + Interview info for leadership 10


Wise Nugs:

  1. Effort can get you almost anywhere that you would like to go, and accomplish nearly anything you want to do.
  2. As important as it is to have engineers in the world, Climate change is a very real thing that needs to be addressed, so whatever your profession or talents, put it towards solving the crisis at hand
  3. Don’t do something that other people would just do for fun, do what you enjoy and use that to make a living.


  1. What exactly is your position title and what do you do in that job?
  • C-change labs greenhouse
  • Ceo
  • Start-up company
  • Used to be an electrical engineer
  • Worked up the ranks overtime
  1. Are you contempt with your job? Why or why not?
  • No, due to the fact that it is still a start-up
  • Wants to improve upon it and make it a larger business
  • Once it is large enough, he will be contempt
  1. If you could change one task or quality of your career, what would it be, and why?
  • Better idea of who is going to be fit for the tasks that need to be done
  • For electrical engineering,
  1. What does a day look like in your job?
  • Get ready
  • Leave for work
  • Interview
  • Manage
  • Check finances
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  1. What school did you go to to get a degree in engineering?
  • Simon Fraser university
  • 4years
  1. What is the most difficult part of your occupation?
  • Hiring the correct people
    • A lot of examination
  • Managing finances
  1. Who inspired you to follow this career path, and why?
  • Many people
    • Friends
    • Steve jobs
    • Made something before it was needed
  1. How long have you been working as an engineer?
  • 20 years
  • Switched to start-up company in August
  1. What do you like most about your profession?
  • Ceo of C-Change labs
    • The ability to make a change in this world
      • Be the person who sees a problem and doesn’t wait for it to solve itself
  • Engineering
    • Do what I love
  1. Do you have any tips for somebody aspiring to attain a position like your own?
  • Engineers are born
  • Work hard
  • Pay attention in class
  • An engineering course prepares you for the job, but you learn the most while you work

Plan for speech: Eminent 2017


-Looks back from Oscars chair

-Problems with mother, having to leave her at the asylum.

-Has to provide for himself


Early buildup:

-Gets a minor show

-has to take on multiple jobs to support himself afterward

Late buildup:

-Secures a job after performing and catching a directors eye

-job offers 150$ a week


-Creates the tramp from the costume bin

-Becomes a star

Falling action:

-makes tens of films

-hugely successful

-becomes quite famous as well as his character


– Films from his past with the tramp finish

-Back in the Oscars

-smiles and leaves the stage