Leadership: 360 degree leader

After watching a week long series regarding how one can lead, nurture and support other leaders from anywhere in the chain of command, but in this post, I will only be discussing one of the points that was brought up: Do more than manage, lead. This specific idea entails that people should not just send others to do things, but instead nurture, protect and lead them in a personalized fashion to best suit their needs, setting them up for success.

To quote John,

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“People more than projects

Movement more than maintenance

Art more than science

Intuition more than formula

Vision more than procedure

Risk more than caution

Action more than reaction

Relationships more than rules

Who you are more than what you do”

Overall, they may seem like a selfless and cliche points, however, they hold more meaning in the way that they all require you, as the leader, to step outside you comfort zone and help the group more than yourself. I view these as guidelines, arguably one of the most important and tangible things John had given us during the duration of his seminars.

Beyond that, the specific section continues into a ‘beyond management’ idea. The idea described states that people should think long-term when leading and push boundaries.

Finally, the description given to the 360 degree leaders:

People who ask questions, have answers, take responsibility and influence others to follow.

That is a 360 Degree Leader

Zip Journal #2

After careful consideration and analysation of my current status, I approximate I will need at least 24 hours of worktime before I can accomplish myzip project to the extent that I would like it to be. This would include the following:

Finish watching remaining half of films

Refine and create analyzation of films

Write screenplay*

*Note: the reason this is bold, is due to the fact that leaving the house to film would be to much of a struggle during the winter break, whereas writing a screenplay is much easier

To adapt my calendar for the last time, I will finish my film viewing and analysation by the end of the last week of school, doing the writing over the break, as it will be a minute task over such an extended period of time. The screenplay will be around 7-8 pages worth of script and scenery, for that translates into about 10 minutes, keeping it reasonable, but still challenging, especially for one who has no experience with this before.

Overall, I am keeping on track quite nicely thus far, and hope to refrain from adapting it anymore. Things are looking up, and my final presentation shall, for the time being, be kept a mystery until further notice.

Stay spicy Gleneagle

Zip D.O.L. #1

After careful consideration, I realize that my original plan was a little bit to relaxed, and that I should be more focused on zip, rather than leaving it as a side project. This will mean that I will watch, and examine films during weekdays prior to the main weekend, allowing my self to prepare for the writing or directing of my project.

Revisions to the original plan include:

Increasing viewing and evaluation time of films

Increasing film selection time

Filming/writing during Christmas break

Asking others for their film ideas before the 16th

These revisions will be put into place starting on the twelfth. Any other possible revisions will not be posted, but added in the background, allowing for posts about progress rather than edits.


*edit: I am also going to be broadening my horizons from modern comedies, to films made after 1970, as there are some really well made films that hold open better than the modern ones made in that period of time

Zip proposal

What would you like to learn to do / what questions would you like to pursue in this inquiry? Why did you choose this skill / question? What motivates or excites you in pursuing this line of inquiry?

I would like to learn about modern films, specifically comedies, that are qualified as ‘good’. From that point, I would extrapolate information from the films and characteristics, allowing myself to implement them in my final show of work, being either a film or screenplay. The question that I am pursuing is “What makes a good modern comedy film”, which allows for a narrow, but in-depth inquiry study. I have always been keen on learning more about the film industry, hence my eminent person, and during this Zip, I hope to learn the other side of the study, his career.

What do you currently know about this topic / skill, and what skills do you currently have that will help you succeed in your work?

I have some knowledge of comedy films, but no more than that of the average urban Canadian citizen. This information is taken from casual viewings, but I hope to both enjoy and focus on the film when watching this time around for a better result.

What is a specific list of skills that you hope to have expanded on / learned by the end of this assignment?

I hope to learn how to identify positive characteristics of films and be able to explain, use and adapt them into my own life and possible future career.

Who can you approach for support during your work / research?

I can turn to friends such as Elyjah and Nathan who have experience with the film industry and inquire with them to allow for a better sample of films and tips on creating the screenplay / film. Other ideas for support include the digital media instructors at Gleneagle

What are some other resources that might be useful in helping you complete your inquiry?

I may use IMDb or other film critic related site as a way to understand the perspective of many other people all at once, removing my personal bias to the best of my ability.

How might you demonstrate your learning at the end of your inquiry? What format or form (essay , in class lesson, audio / video production, Pecha Kucha, artistic representation) might you use to highlight your work?

I would either write a screen play or create, direct and act in a film. I will incorporate the rules and qualities of the films viewed into either one of the presentations.

What is your schedule for learning? Include a calendar with a tentative plan as to how you will use your time both in and out of class.

I will begin my work selecting films in preparation for Saturday/Sunday the 16th/17th, where I will watch a barrage of comedy films, analyzing the funny and notable parts in a casual, but focused setting with friends, Jackson and Elyjah, to aid me in finding the hidden jokes or notable features. After, I will work for 5 hours a week writing an outline for my film or screenplay and refining my film database of things to put in my presentation. During the last 9 days before Christmas break, I will create the film or screenplay and work out any errors or during the break. Once the break is over, I will give either a film or verbal presentation which shows my learning of the topic and have fun while doing it. All class block will be for finding films, discovering attributes, refining data and writing the screenplay or film outline.

Eminent Final Post

Another year of eminent is over, but this one, although quite similar had some very prominent differences, Not just because I picked somebody in a completely different field, but also due to the way I approached it.
I had come across one main problem in my study last year that I wanted to avoid this year, which was finding information on a person who didn’t have any recognition for his discoveries, thus leaving me with little to no information to gather. As a result, I decided to study somebody who had a larger amount of people who have documented and verified his work and life, Charlie Chaplin. Now as I studied, I began to lose an interest for the project and my eminent person, for I was hoping to get a lot more out of the project, but the research yielded the same results. Then, we went to the library. I got books upon book for Charlie, but they all explained the same story with varying degrees of detail. I was about to switch notables. Never before had I been able to gain all of the information so fast that I had a full month left to put it into action. I thought I would either have to switch, for more of a challenge, leave it till later to not waste time over-preparing, or over-prepare. I chose to wait until something caught my interest. That was when my mother found a copy of Chaplin, a 1990’s film that had the entirety of Chaplin’s life morphed into a two hour long document of history. The acting was so real to the point that I thought Robert Downey Jr. was Charlie, which allowed me to fully embrace it’s story. It gave me an understanding of who my notable was, with credited facts proven by the one I sought to interview, a Charlie Chaplin expert, Dan Kamin.
After this, I fit all of the books into the story line, filling in the cracks to create a masterpiece of an autobiography. I had the means to be Chaplin, feeling as though I had lived his life myself. I made a costume, created a trivia game, answer cards that I could stay silent, a speech representing one of his greatest problems, a backdrop and sign, and a video in which my eminent person starred. However, during the night of the notables, My computer video file, thus shutting down the trivia, original use of the answer cards, and the video itself, leaving me with nothing more than myself, my speech and my backdrop. I tried my best, using the answer cards whenever possible to better my center, but people only stayed for a matter of seconds, as my video wasn’t there to educate and there was no game to engage them. I acted out scenes, and stayed silent. I used the cards to answer questions, but I couldn’t answer them correctly without speaking. I made the most with what I had, and when it all crumbled, I stuck through till the end.
And when I think of this year compared to last, I realize that the real victory is getting to the point where you don’t just understand, but you can be that person. Even though my project didn’t work the way I wanted it to, I learned more this year than I could ever have during last years assignment. On top of all this, I remember so much more about this year’s notable, and have learned how to stay on course and persevere. I believe that I succeeded, and I hope you can see that too.
Research Bibliography (Most useful at the top):
Attenborough, Richard, director. Chaplin. MCA Home Video, 1993.
Desription: A film portraying the entire life of Charlie, and once cross referenced, is outstandingly accurate. Shows his talent and rise to fame in a memorable and fun way.
Description: A site where a collection of biographies are kept. Shows an outline of Charlie’s life. Accurate information.
Description: Free Charlie Chaplin films. Gave me an idea of his productions and how he acted while in them.
Description: Galen had already done a study on Charlie, and I was able to extrapolate some methods of study and certain facts I wouldn’t have found otherwise.
Description: Solidified facts shown above, not as reliable as some other forms, but it lined up very well, so I included it.
*Books were not written down as they provided little to no help on the project, and  do not currently have access to them, so for ease of both parties, I give you links which have just as much information, but online and for free.