Zip D.O.L. #1

After careful consideration, I realize that my original plan was a little bit to relaxed, and that I should be more focused on zip, rather than leaving it as a side project. This will mean that I will watch, and examine films during weekdays prior to the main weekend, allowing my self to prepare for the writing or directing of my project.

Revisions to the original plan include:

Increasing viewing and evaluation time of films

Increasing film selection time

Filming/writing during Christmas break

Asking others for their film ideas before the 16th

These revisions will be put into place starting on the twelfth. Any other possible revisions will not be posted, but added in the background, allowing for posts about progress rather than edits.


*edit: I am also going to be broadening my horizons from modern comedies, to films made after 1970, as there are some really well made films that hold open better than the modern ones made in that period of time

One thought on “Zip D.O.L. #1”

  1. Owen,

    I am glad that you are being proactive in your approach to ZIP, and are considering the time needed to complete this assignment to your own standards. With such an intriguing question, I can’t wait to hear some of your findings. I am looking forward to hearing some updates on your work this week.

    Keep up the solid inquiry!

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