Leadership: 360 degree leader

After watching a week long series regarding how one can lead, nurture and support other leaders from anywhere in the chain of command, but in this post, I will only be discussing one of the points that was brought up: Do more than manage, lead. This specific idea entails that people should not just send others to do things, but instead nurture, protect and lead them in a personalized fashion to best suit their needs, setting them up for success.

To quote John,

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“People more than projects

Movement more than maintenance

Art more than science

Intuition more than formula

Vision more than procedure

Risk more than caution

Action more than reaction

Relationships more than rules

Who you are more than what you do”

Overall, they may seem like a selfless and cliche points, however, they hold more meaning in the way that they all require you, as the leader, to step outside you comfort zone and help the group more than yourself. I view these as guidelines, arguably one of the most important and tangible things John had given us during the duration of his seminars.

Beyond that, the specific section continues into a ‘beyond management’ idea. The idea described states that people should think long-term when leading and push boundaries.

Finally, the description given to the 360 degree leaders:

People who ask questions, have answers, take responsibility and influence others to follow.

That is a 360 Degree Leader

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