English 10 Romeo and Juliet ‘Puppy love’

In William’s Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it is claimed by a critic, Jo Ledingham, that what they are both participating in is no more than ‘Puppy love’, and I disagree and agree with that statement. As speculated by Robert William, “[w]e know too that it can’t be any later than 1596, or any earlier than 1591” (William, Robert). This idea of it being set in such a time raises the question of whether or not the two, Romeo of 18 years and Juliet of 13, were qualified as adults, or if they were even capable of real love at such an age.

  1. The idea of Puppy love being true: Seeing as Juliet and Romeo originally fall for one another based merely on looks rather than what they are on the inside, it is clear to see that they are not necessarily experienced in love, and instead follow an idea of love at first sight. Romeo, more than Juliet, has this one quality shining through him more than anything else, lustful and depressed when what he wants does not come his way, but also quick to change when another beauty catches his eye. After lamenting over his lost Rosaline, and being forced to go to a party, seeing Juliet for the first time, and then immediately describing her as “beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear” (1:5 47). Juliet, likewise falls for the son of her enemy, but with a hint of logistics and understanding of the issue that could be their relationship, realizing the stress and anger could boil over in to an all out family feud war. As she stands on her balcony wondering “O Romeo, Romeo! [Why] art thou Romeo?” (2:2 33), she realizes that her love is doomed to fail due to her lover being Romeo, and not one of another name. This shows that Romeo follows the path of puppy love,while Juliet can think more deeply, for certainly looks would not compel the intelligent Juliet to cross a lifelong family rivalry.
  2. In another perspective, it can be seen that Romeo and Juliet have seen through just beauty and looks, but have established a fate-like connection bonding the two for life, till death do they part. Romeo instantly strives to do all he can to win over his love, marrying almost immediately, and while Juliet may have her doubts, she agrees to marry Romeo if “[He] purpose marriage, send [her] word by to-morrow” (2:2 144).  This shows that they have found the connection, and thus would like to secure it before it is found out by their parents who would immediately destroy the relationship and punish their kids for participating in such a relationship. This shows their true commitment to one another, to the point of where Romeo asks Friar Laurence to marry them, and follows through in a very short period of time. During the end of the play, they even die for one another, and as a result, break up their families long bitterness.

So, in a way, I agree with the statement, but in another point of view, I would rather back the opposite. Overall, I would say that at the beginning, their love is merely a physical looks-based love, but as it progresses, I am certain that it has evolved past the point of poultry love, but one of understanding and willingness to end oneself to be with their loved on forever.

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Indepth intro post

As In-depth starts, I have as well, having my first meeting with my mentor today, rather than waiting for a long period of time like last year. This year, I have decided to learn how to bake/cook meals or other snacks that are of a much more healthy quality than my stereo typical Cheerios breakfast. However, I seek to put a spin on this common in-depth topic, making EVERYTHING gluten free.

Baking and cooking is an essential part of each human’s life, whether it’s done for you by loved ones, or you make your own food. With my allergy to gluten, I have devised a set of goals in line with this fact to prepare myself for the future when I will no longer be able to rely on my mother’s cooking.

  1. Learn at least 7 recipes with my mentor, memorizing them if possible to replicate for meals
  2. Be able to substitute ingredients in a gluten recipe to make it edible for me.
  3. Add nutritional value to my dishes, not just mere taste value

My mentor, which I acquired on Monday, is my piano teacher, and somebody who can bake extremely well, being gluten free for almost 7 years now. I am hoping that a combination of her expertise, my mother’s guidance, and my personal will to get this completed to better myself in the future will allow this to turn out in a positive manner. As a result of my in-depth coming to fruition, I will be either cooking, baking or preparing food for passerbys live as they can use all of their senses to grasp what it is that I have learned. In regards to the final project, I will devise a combination of flavours or select a favourite recipe to share with the attendees.

Romeo and Juliet post: question and answer

Q: If you are really in love, physical appearance doesn’t matter.

A: I would agree,

In many ‘relationships’ people get together, act like they are truly in love, then split apart when the other becomes undesirable, whether in money, appearance or they change internally.  However, in true love, the only way that a relationship should, in my opinion, truly end, is when one of the members changes themselves to the point where they are no longer compatible with their significant other. In the case of Turia Pitt and her boyfriend Micheal Hoskin, Turia had been in a bush fire, and had major burns, deforming her face and body, but Micheal wasn’t deterred. Micheal is engaged to Turia, calling her ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing’, even quitting his job to take care of her when she was in need. That is what love is at it’s core, an undeniable admiration for the person on the inside, not just the exterior, or the amount of wealth.

Zip post #4

Over the past few days, I have reached a point where I am writing my final presentation, my screenplay and devising an interactive component that could work with it. I have drafted various ideas and began writing a screenplay using the formats found online. I believe that my final product will be:

  1. A six page screenplay for a short film
  2. An understanding of what I enjoy in the comedy genre
  3. An activity done with the class

As I do not wish to spoil my work before it is formally presented, I will leave you with this. My work thus far has led me to an area where I know what I enjoy doing, and what I can do with it. Through my processes, I have realized that I would like to create a semi-outlandish piece in a suburban area like our own to open the possibility of filming should I so choose. As for the activity, I will have to finish my screenplay before I can confidently express my learning.