Over the past few days, I have reached a point where I am writing my final presentation, my screenplay and devising an interactive component that could work with it. I have drafted various ideas and began writing a screenplay using the formats found online. I believe that my final product will be:

  1. A six page screenplay for a short film
  2. An understanding of what I enjoy in the comedy genre
  3. An activity done with the class

As I do not wish to spoil my work before it is formally presented, I will leave you with this. My work thus far has led me to an area where I know what I enjoy doing, and what I can do with it. Through my processes, I have realized that I would like to create a semi-outlandish piece in a suburban area like our own to open the possibility of filming should I so choose. As for the activity, I will have to finish my screenplay before I can confidently express my learning.

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