Romeo and Juliet post: question and answer

Q: If you are really in love, physical appearance doesn’t matter.

A: I would agree,

In many ‘relationships’ people get together, act like they are truly in love, then split apart when the other becomes undesirable, whether in money, appearance or they change internally.  However, in true love, the only way that a relationship should, in my opinion, truly end, is when one of the members changes themselves to the point where they are no longer compatible with their significant other. In the case of Turia Pitt and her boyfriend Micheal Hoskin, Turia had been in a bush fire, and had major burns, deforming her face and body, but Micheal wasn’t deterred. Micheal is engaged to Turia, calling her ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing’, even quitting his job to take care of her when she was in need. That is what love is at it’s core, an undeniable admiration for the person on the inside, not just the exterior, or the amount of wealth.

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