Romeo and Juliet 16 personalities

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there are a variety of main characters, and the one I chose to analyse with the Myers-Briggs test was none other than Juliet’s mother figure, the nurse.


The nurse, known by no other name than that, leaves a lasting impact on the audience with her unique sense of humour, and is about as dense as a iron ball. However, she has a lot of experience with taking care of children, namely Juliet, and after her daughter and husband died, she took over the role of Juliet’s mother. After analyzing and inputting the results into the 16 personalities test, I came down with the predicted result of one of the explorer options, The Entertainer, or ESFP. The E, standing for extroverted, fits the nurse quite well, as she is not afraid to make a show to complete strangers whenever she so chooses. This is shown greatly with her wild insults to the boys in act 2 scene 4. S, for sensing, also fits well with her character, for rather than relying on her intuition, she looks at a scenario and just feels what would work (even if she could be wrong), mostly relying on crude jokes or sarcasm. The last two, feeling and perception also reflect her personality, showing that she would rather jump into a situation and act as she sees fit, rather than plan beforehand.

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