Social Studies post: Best question to focus on this year

After careful thought and consideration, eliminating the questions in which I believe we have already delved deep into, I came to the conclusion that the best question from the “Guideposts to Historical Thinking”, is “The Ethical Dimension”, or “How can history help us to live in the present. The main reason I have selected this question is due to the different view and route we can take, should we use it.

Last semester, we focused a lot on historical significance in any socials studies conversation, and as such, that is the topic that the majority of the class knows the most about. I propose that we switch gears, falling into a new category: “The Ethical Dimension”. This “Guidepost” focuses on learning how to understand our mistakes in the past, and attempting to eliminate or never repeat them again. Such events include great tragedies such as the holocaust, where many people were killed over a misled leader’s skewed view of how the world should be run. Back then, it would not have been uncommon for people in Germany to see his actions as justifiable, or correct, as that was what they grew up with, and were used to. Nowadays, most of us wouldn’t dare do anything like that, all due to the examination of the fallout and price of the events that occurred, and comparison to what that could do in today’s world. As dumb as it sounds, this is how people have risen to their current state. They learned from the consequences of their actions, and realized that some things just wouldn’t be good for them to survive, thrive, or get along with one another.

The reason this is important is so that we can build, grow, and survive a society, rather than focus on other topics without as large of an impact on daily life, like “[understanding] the people of the past”. With time, discussion, and independent inquiry, I am sure that we will be able to learn from this topic, implement it into our lives, and share the knowledge with others.

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