Socials DOL #2

The event that I believe has effected Canada in a great manner would be the war of 1812, in which Canada and the USA were involved in a conflict, where the USA was attempting to invade Canada in an effort to gain land and cut off British supply lines (as they were also an enemy to the US during this war).

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How it affects Canada’s:

Politics: This event has affected Canada’s political system mostly includes the first steps in Canada’s idea for independence. When the United States invaded Canada, it is very possible that this event could have sparked ideas of separating them from the British, who at the time were suffering financially, thus being unprepared for such a war. This financial insecurity and feeling of insecurity from their empire, could very well have led them to their political reformation, ultimately ending in their separation from the European conquerors.

Economics: Mentioned in the paragraph above, the economic status of the British empire was not at it’s best at the time of the war, thus leaving Canada at a disadvantage from America which had already separated from it’s British predecessors, which has an effect on our current economic status, with the value of our dollar, and the fact that we still have the queen on our money.

Social aspect: This war has done more than just spark a failed conquering and economic instability, but also has raised the possibility of the Americans, our next-border neighbors, taking our country on once more in an attempt for more American land. The distrust spawned from this is minimal nowadays, but the idea is still in society, with people feeling the need to preserve Canadian culture and block American culture to assure our financial and social success.

Environment: Of course with a war, lands are scarred, and this was no different, with the American-Canadian border being scarred with battle fields and bodies of fallen soldiers. This has changed the landscape of the area, as well as the soil, which is now embraced with used ammunition, gun powder, soldiers and other war related bi-products.

This event does not represent our country moving towards a post-national state, as it was farther in the past than most of the social revolutions of today. The war of 1812 is a showcase of how Canadians are not necessarily weak and polite, but instead willing to fight for what they have, and what they would like, but most of all, this shows that Canadians were willing to fight under the same flag, the sameĀ nation.

In my opinion, I do not believe that there is any point in trying to define a specific Canadian identity, as we are all different people, who might not share all of, if not, any of the same values, but when times are tough, we are able to work together to provide for one another and protect the land “true north, strong, and free”. Even without a general Canadian identity, who’s to say that we aren’t still ourselves, part of our communities, and an important part of this country’s modern day success.

In conclusion, I would say that there are some events that would point towards a post-national country, while other seem to intertwine the whole populous of Canada, but in the end, we are all individuals who may not have our beliefs aligned, but are willing to fight for one another in times of need.



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