Indepth post: Number 6 (final post before indepth night)

Hey Y’all,

So, as in-depth night comes closer, I am finishing my last recipe before replicating them to share with my mentor. The final item that we are making is bread. This may not seem very difficult at first, but the fact that it is gluten free increases the chance for the bread to fail miserably. I will post pictures and show the steps for making the bread later.

Thus far, I have learned how to:

  1. Bake a variety of gluten free foods (muffins, pie, crisps, etc.)
  2. Replace glutenous ingredients with gluten free ingredients
  3. Adapt a recipe to improve the flavour or texture
  4. Remove yolks from eggs
  5. Memorize 7 recipes

I believe that this is a more than worthwhile study as I can apply it to my life in the future for family get-togethers, trips and other events that could require culinary support. The ability that I found most useful was that I learned how to substitute different flours by adding 1 tsp of xanthan gum per cup of GF flour. Xanthan gum allows the food to stick together, like gluten in normal flour. I also learned a flour mix consisting of 50% rice flour, 25% potato flour and 25% corn flour (or something similar). This is the most versatile and effective combination of GF flour that I have ever learned how to make or eaten, and I am very grateful that my mentor taught me how to replicate it.

Beyond culinary skills, I developed a relationship with my mentor and piano teacher. I realized that she knew MUCH more than how to teach piano, but that she had an ability to create gluten free dishes that were good enough to appear as though it was made with real non-gluten free flour. She has been a blessing to this project and to my work as she was flexible with dates and able to help me when I couldn’t quite do what the recipe required.

Overall, this year of in-depth was worlds more successful than last year’s guitar project. I have learned skills that I will use in the future, and improved my ability to comprehend the art of food. I would like to thank my mentor for helping me with this project.

Until next time.

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