Canadian Confederacy

From the perspective of George-√Čtienne Cartier, I would have to agree with the concept of forming the confederation as it would allow for the spread of French culture, increased trade amongst the French-Canadians, and an¬† ability to rally defenses against that of the Americans and those participating the the Fenian raids.

  1. The French culture is prominent where we are, and the ability to confederate could spread our culture to the others much faster than before, rather than slowly being ignored and eventually switching to the English language.
  2. As we spread our culture, our goods and needs could be acquired much quicker and legally than before. The increase of French goods in the economy would lead to an increase in demand for our products, such as maple syrup.
  3. A major benefit towards our province would be the defensive capabilities, allowing us to stay separate from our southern neighbors and those participating in similar raids.

Overall, the benefits of confederation far outweigh any downsides that our country would face, and I support it wholeheartedly.