Owen DOL #3 The Great Depression

Cause and consequence: What were the causes and most important aspects of your chosen event related to the guiding question? [5Ws]


The New York Stock Market crash caused people in the USA to hoard their money, quickly catching onto Canada, making those who had money stable, workers out of work, and people who invested in the stocks broke. This sudden turnover of people who were afraid to spend their money in anything caused a GDP decrease of 40% in Canada and 37% in the USA, all because of the crash. The influence that America had on Canada was so immense that when their stock market crashed, we suffered more than they did. People realised that they needed more jobs and that their relations with the USA were useful, but not meant to blend. By making a clear difference between the two countries besides the borders, canadians could be less susceptible to a future crash or event, leaving them in a better position with their own autonomy,


Historical Perspective: How was your researched event viewed by Canadians at the time? How do you know?


People in Canada found this to be extremely frustrating with the lack of jobs to support their families and hobbies, forcing them to take any job they could get their hands on, from soup kitchens to moving bales of hay.


Continuity and Change: To what extent did this event or idea affect Canadian social, political, or economic norms or values?


As the working class was striving to support their families, they began to go door to door, into sketchy places and anywhere else to get a job, increasing the amount of social interaction, whether for better or for worse. All of this was caused by the drop in GDP amongst the Canadians. This led to people trying to force the politicians to increase the amount of jobs in Canada to support the country.


Historical Significance: In what ways, specifically, did your event contribute to Canada’s social, political, or economic autonomy? Provide evidence from primary and secondary sources.


It gave Canada the wake up call it needed to separate it’s close ties with the USA to the point that they could better handle a future economical crash like this one. My Great Grandfather had to go from one side of Canada (Vancouver) to PEI just to find any work, using the CPR as a method of transport. Many people did this as a time to get from place to place, and they would often get off at any nearby cities or farms to find work, or permanent jobs if they were lucky. Some people however, would promise them payment, just to take the money for themselves, leaving a hardworking person out of a job, money, and energy. People would even get so desperate as to work for food.

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